Sundance, Findlay Creek

There are two single-family home models to see, the Dryden and the Lindsay. There are also unfurnished Zen Urban Flats available to... read more

Sundance, Findlay Creek

Sundance Fast Facts What: Condo flats, two-storey singles and bungalows in a planned community by Claridge Homes. Bungalows are sold out. Where: Near Bank Street and Leitrim Road View on... read more

Findlay Creek model homes bonanza

Findlay Creek model homes reach a total of 14 as Tartan and Tamarack Homes launch new offerings. Each builder has opened three single-family and four townhome models in the thriving community. All... read more

Findlay Creek Village, South Ottawa

Findlay Creek Village Fast Facts What: Townhomes and two-storey and bungalow singles in a planned community built jointly by Tartan Homes and Tamarack Homes. All homes are Energy Star. Findlay... read more
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