Does your home need a fresh look? Whether you’re simply interested in new seasonal throw pillows or are planning a whole redesign, our Resources & Advice section will get you started.


Houzz makes it easy to find a designer or decorator using search parameters.

Search for designers and decorators including some in Ottawa; also tips on hiring a pro.

Some designers and decorators belong to this association, which has a mandatory code of ethics.

Information on professional designers and list of pros including some in Ottawa.

Tips and Advice

Paint is a powerful but challenging decorating tool. Some tips to get you going.

Cabinetry finish is crucial to the room’s overall look, so here's a look at paint versus stain.

To embrace colour, you need to know where to start. Find that out with these tips.

Design pros weigh in on their top decorating and design mistakes you should avoid making.

Choose the right covering for beds, the most dominant feature of your bedrooms.

Discover what a focal point is and whether your room needs one.

Practical ideas on tackling the chaos in your home.

Tips and tricks for getting the most out of your small space.

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