Tips and tricks to declutter and get organized

If you’re like me, it can be hard to stay on top of clutter creep when you have a busy family. Even if you’re organized (I usually am), unless all the bits and pieces have a home – and one that makes sense, while being functional and efficient – chances are those bits and pieces will be scattered here, there and everywhere before long.

Since spring seems like a natural time for a fresh start, if you haven’t yet tackled the chaos in your home, here are some ideas on ways to declutter and get organized. Don’t feel like you have to attack the whole house all at once; just try a little bit at a time.

declutter and get organizedGet at the garage: Is there room to actually park in your garage or is it the dumping ground for everything but the car? Here are 23 tips on decluttering your garage and six more on how to organize it and keep it that way.

declutter and get organizedIn the kitchen: It’s the heart of the home, but if it’s a mess, it’s not going to hum along to the right beat so try these 10 steps to getting it right, plus five simple steps for organizing your pantry.

declutter and get organizedLaundry room: Conquer the chaos and make it look nice, too.

Recycle it: Many items you no longer want still have plenty of life in them. Here are some charities and non-profits you can donate them to.

And before it begins: Stop clutter before it even starts by making sure you’re not guilty of any of these clutter traps.


7 top organizing tips to get you started

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