You’re dreaming of a big harvest but have space for only a small garden? You’ve admired ornamental grasses but have no idea what you should plant to get that same look? Check our Resources & Advice for guidance on all sorts of gardening and landscaping subjects.


A lively compendium of everything from recreating natural habitats to growing edibles.

Government of Canada guide to safe, healthy gardening.

Canadian and international gardening news and resources including events, books, and thousands of articles.

Get free horticultural advice from experienced gardeners.

Tips, ideas and resources from the pros including garden design and plant care.

Tips and Advice

Outdoor containers, water features and other ways to make your outdoor space your own.

Trees can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs.

Discover which plants thrive in space-saving containers.

Planting, fertilizing and watering properly can minimize common tomato problems.

How to protect the green canopy.

Inexpensive ways to beautify your property.

Tips on creating a successful vegetable gardening, including a list of seven easy-to-grow vegetables.

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