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Outdoor living rules

A gorgeous backyard oasis is once again the People's Choice in the Ottawa Housing Design Awards. more
Guest Column
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Are shade & privacy an issue?

If you suffer from these common backyard problems, Carson Arthur recommends you try a pergola. more

Ultimate guide to weeds

What to leave, what to yank and what you should never touch. more
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Balcony gardening

Yes, you can garden if all you have is a tiny balcony. Here's how. more
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Getting gardening advice

Where should you turn for good gardening advice in Ottawa? more
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5 reasons for raised veggie beds

Raised vegetable planters are this year’s hottest yard feature. more
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Balcony gardening

How to make the most of small outdoor spaces. more
SOURCE Guest Post: Sue Pitchforth

Creating your outdoor spaces

Adding personality and style to your yard or balcony is easier than you think. more
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Before you landscape

Do you know what the cost should be for your home’s landscaping? more
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Landscaping advice Q&As

How to turn your yard from a dud to a stud: From our main stage presentation at the spring home show. more
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Hold off on yard cleanup

Being a lazy gardener is better at this crucial time. more
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Indoor plant care

Your plants are hungry: Spring means fertilizing and tidying up your collection of indoor plants. more
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Gardening for kids

How to teach your youngsters to love gardening: it's easy when you know how more
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Carson Arthur is back

Popular outdoor expert Carson Arthur returns to the Ottawa Home & Garden Show March 21-24. more
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