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Tried home-delivery grocery service, and somehow ended up with beets.

that's cool, though. i've been meaning to try beets. (i tried once before, buti bought kohlrabi that had been mislabled asbeets. i've got an emergency kohlrabi recipe, should you need it. it isn't very good.)

things i learned about beets:

  • smaller ones are easier to cook
  • you can cook them in the microwave, which is delightfully easy
  • other than their notorious staining abilities, they're pretty easy to deal with
  • wash everything that touches your beets as soon as possible

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here's what i came up with for my first beet excursion:

beet & sunflower seed salad

ingredients // makes 4 salads

  • 4 cupskale, stemmed and chopped // roughly one bunch
  • 1 large beet// or enough to make 2 cups chopped, after cooking
  • 1 cup grated carrot // 2-3ish whole carrots
  • 1/4 cup raw or unsalted roasted sunflower seeds // go ahead, get salted ones if you want
  • 10.5 oz grape or cherry tomatoes, halved // this is roughly the sizeof a typical package
  • salad dressing of your choice // i've got italian in my fridge, so that's what i'm using


tips for speed: cooking and peeling the beets takes the longest, so do all the other ingredient prep while the beets cook. buy pre-grated carrots to speed up that part. leave the grape tomatoes whole, instead of halving them.

  1. wash all your veggies, especially that beet, because they get very dirty.
  2. fill a deep microwavable bowl with an inch of water. cut off beet greens*, leavingabout an inch of the beet stem. add the beet(s), cover with a paper towel, and microwave** in 2 minute intervals till cooked. you should be able to pierce the beet with a fork, with a little resistance. (i'm not sure i cooked them enough, but hey, i'm new to this.)
  3. while your beet cooks, chop the kale, slice the tomatoes and peel and grate the carrots, unless you're using pre-grated carrots, of course.
  4. when the beet is cooked, use a cloth to peel off the skin (should be easy) or use a vegetable peeler (messier). chop the beets.
  5. throw everything in a bowl.
  6. boom. salad.

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