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Gardening problems.

The weather is turning colder and I must give up on my hope that there will be any more tomatoes on the vines in the backyard.

We got very few tomatoes and even less okra, but the "garden" was a good excuse to be able to water, despite the drought restrictions during the summer.

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Is the drought getting any better? No.

Tighter water restrictions are in place and everyone is urged/required to cut water use by 10 percent. Lakes Lanier and Allatoona have somewhere between 90 and 120 days of water left in them.

Meanwhile, the hurricane that we need is heading toward Florida but a high pressure system is planted right over Atlanta making sure it doesn't head this way.

Can TV morning shows get any worse?

It seems that no matter what channel you switch to Good Morning America, Today Show, whatever else is on major networks you see the same interview with Heather Mills, Hillary Clinton or whoever was on "Dancing with the Stars" last night.

Note to TV, I don't care. Your continuous segment on "Your ill-fitting bra is causing PMS so you need a makeover" programming is wearing thin.

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