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Latinos Kitchen serves great food!

Latinos Kitchen serves up Dominican and Puerto Rican traditions like arroz con gandules y pernil, which is rice and pigeon peas with roasted pork shoulder, and carne de cerdo frita, which are small chunks of fried marinated pork. A real treat for all you seafood lovers, the ensalada de mariscos, filled with jumbo prawns, crab meat, olives and cabbage drizzled in virgin olive oil. The seafood salad is crisp and a bit salty, while also very savory, taking my taste buds to a place of Caribbean bliss. Nelly Frias, who does most of the cooking, uses slices of purple onions drenched in olive oil as a flavorful garnish.

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The purple onions add a sense of color and life to the dishes.One of the meals I found particularly noteworthy was the quineo verde y malanga con cebollas lila. The dish consists of green bananas, purple onions in oil, and an interesting starch called malanga. Malanga, a brown, hairy type of stem tuber, is cultivated in many tropical regions. Although ugly and hard on the outside, the malangas inside is a starchy potato-like consistency. After it's boiled the malanga turns soft and changes to a light purple color. The flavor of the boiled malanga is nutty with earthy complexity. It goes well with many of the restaurants poultry and fish dishes. I strongly recommend you try the stewed codfish and potatoes with fried plantains.The dish is done very well at Latinos Kitchen. Because cod fish tends to be salty, Nelly makes sure not to add additional sodium to the stew. She boils the codfish with the potatoes and then adds green peppers, onions and garlic to the mix. The stew is made with fresh tomatoes and tomato paste with a pinch of Adobe seasoning. I'd describe the taste of the fish stew as a velvety flavor fest, which only becomes more exciting after you pair a mouthful with the mildly sweet and salty plantains.

The shrimp and rice soup is also very delightful. Prepared in a thick shrimp broth with an assortment of veggies, the homemade soup will leave you with a warm nostalgic feeling of childhood.Latinos Kitchen offers a number of new surprises and old favorites that will fill you up, while not breaking your budget. Next time you're in the north end of Springfield make sure to swing by this little Latin gem.

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