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Why You Should Leave The Utility Companies Behind and Live Off the Grid

Many individuals know very well about paying their electric and water bills.

Nearly a third of the country uses cell phones for their communication, so you're likely near a tower or two. Plus, there is the internet, so chatting with friends won't be a problem. Today's cell phones are often cheaper than a land line phone. Break free from the cumbersome landline and get yourself a cell phone.

The village has information about installing your new septic tank, and how to care for it. If you don't want to be connected to the city's water, drill a well. A simple call to a few well drilling companies can tell you how much water is potentially available to you via a well. If you require gas energy, look into getting some propane tanks. People sometimes forget that propane can both heat and cool your home, and run appliances like your stove or refrigerator.

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The next one to consider is electricity. Finding electricity for home use is a fairly straightforward process. As you may very well know you can get all the energy you like from the sun or the wind. The sun and the wind are free and solar panels and wind generators enable you to harness the energy they provide.

You're electrical power comes to you in a direct current format. It is definitely something to remember. It needs to change into AC current before you use it in your home. If the wind is turning the windmill more than usual, a battery bank is an excellent way to store the excess energy.

Living off the grid isn't for everyone, but if you're tired of paying the same bills month after month, it is something to look into. One last thing there are more governmental incentives for those who generate their own power. This might be the only time when you can spend a little money now, save hundreds in the long term, and convince the government to pay you back. Living off the grid is looking very attractive indeed.

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