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Pork Loin Rolled Roast ~ Spinach Pesto and Cheese

This creation belongs to my co-conspirator in the kitchen, Jennifer who inspired me one day to buy a pork loin roast 4-5 lb, butterfly it, stuff it and tie it..her idea for stuffing got me all sorts of excited, so off we went to the grocery store to embark on yet another gastronomic outing.

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Pork loin roasts are always a 'go-to' thought for a quick, easy dinner, one that inexpensively feeds a nice size group, usually with little to no imagination for any sort of creativity or effort to cook and serve. Hell, the norm is to probably slap a tv dinner mac and cheese in the oven, grab a bowl and open a bag of iceberg pre-mix salad, dump it in and squirt some ranch dressing over the top, give it a toss and you're good to go, right?.

Yes and NoWhile there are times this might be the best solution.consider this, a filleted roast, butterflied, pounded flat and spread with delicious herbs and condiments. Then roll it and tie it. Put in the oven, only to be brought out golden brown on top. When sliced open, there is a visible swirl of juicy goodness beckoning you to take a bite..serve with a mushroom ravioli and light port cheese sauce complimenting the combination..You can hear "Stairway to Heaven" in the background as you take your first bite, followed with a nice sip of red wine. The choices are endless.The moment is savored and topped by knowing there is more if you want seconds

Let me show you how easy this dish is


  • 1 Pork loin Roast 2.5 4lbs, varies by size and number of servings, nothing better re-heated for leftovers
  • Filling/Stuffing
        • 5oz Chevre/Goat Cheese, allow to soften
        • 1/3 Cup Pesto
        • Optional
            • 1 6oz Bag baby spinach, lightly wilted in olive oil

This filling can easily be adapted by adding a little more in proportion to the recipe for larger roasts

  • Sauce
        • 1/2 Cup Chicken Stock
        • 2 Tbs Low/Non Fat Cream Cheese (or maybe there is some Boursin cheese lurking in the fridge)
        • 2 Tbs Drippings from Roast
        • 1-2 Tbs Port


  • Fillet Roast,Note: when filleting boned meat it is very easy to take long slices vs short choppy ones for a better fillet, remembering to use the tip of the blade and keeping the meat firmly flat as you cut through ensuring a level and even thickness.
  • Place plastic wrap on top of meat and pound to flatten any/all high spots. Remove wrap. Salt and pepper.
  • Spread the softened goat cheese over the roast, then the pesto/spinach & pesto mix, being cautious to stop about an inch from the sides and about two inches from the end you will be rolling to. This allows for a minimum of filling to seep out yet still cover entire roast, see illustration. Note: OPTIONAL ~ in this instance, we sauteed two hands full/small bag of fresh baby spinach with salt and pepper in EVOO, mixed with pesto, and spread evenly over the cheese.
  • In rolling the roast you want to roll so the fat side ends upwards. In other words, the remaining side that is fat on top, and when tied, it will be fat side up. A tip here is start evenly, using both hands with fingers spread, slightly pick the whole side up and lay down while lightly rolling, being careful not to push the ingredients out.
  • Once, the roast is rolled, time to tie. Not too tight. Start the first tie in the center, followed by tying off each end, about 1/2? from the ends, and finish sections in between. A simple square knot will suffice. See illustration of an earlier post: http://www.michaeldsargent.com/search/label/Pork.
  • If only serving for two and a larger pork loin was chosen and prepared take the opportunity to cut in half and save for another meal and you will be all set to go.
  • Place in shallow pan and put in a pre-heated, 375 degree oven, uncovered, for 40-45minutes or until internal (center) temperature reaches150 degrees. Pull and let roast rest, uncovered or lightly tented with tin foil.
  • Prepare sauce ~The drippings from the pork, approx 2 Tbs, are placed in a sauce pan. Whisk with 1/2 cup of chicken stock and 2 Tbs low/non-fat cream cheese (or Boursin) and 1-2 Tbs portSimmer, allowing sauce to reduce while continuing to stir, until slightly thickened.
  • At this point, finish preparing your side dishes, carve the roast and serve with sauce. For our side dish, Jennifer selected mushroom ravioli which can be purchased at Trader Joe's or most specialty sections at quality chain markets. She is known to saute some Baby Bella mushrooms, more wilted spinach, to which she adds a little heavy cream to serve under the ravioli.

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