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essential home maintenance tasks

Home maintenance reminders keep you on track with those important jobs.

Do you sometimes forget those essential home maintenance tasks like cleaning the dryer lint trap to prevent a fire and inspecting roof shingles to guard against water infiltration?

Regular maintenance is critical to your family’s safety and to your home’s appearance and performance, including how much you spend on heating, cooling and repairs. For example, routine inspection of faucets and pipes could save you up to $4,000 in repairs and mould remediation by catching water leaks before they get serious.

Proper maintenance may also be required under your home warranty or insurance plan and it can mean a better price when you eventually sell.

Our free, convenient maintenance reminders keep you on track with a bi-weekly alert about tasks like:

  • Inspecting the caulking around sinks, backsplashes and other areas for shrinkage and mould.
  • Checking charge levels on fire extinguishers when you change your smoke alarm batteries.
  • Draining your hot water tank every six months to prevent sediment build up.
  • Ensuring the grade around your home drains water away from the foundation.

We even include tips and links about how to do the maintenance yourself or who you can hire to do the work for you.

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