Questions about buying a home, selling a home or renting?

How can you sell your home effectively? When you buy, what do you need to be aware of? Are you wondering about renting? Our resale and rental resources and advice section is your go-to place for these questions and more.


Joe Richer of the Real Estate Council of Ontario answers questions on all things resale.

Inclusive neighbourhood information, from population to housing types and amenities.

Covers the full buying process, including deciding if home ownership is right for you.

Everything about home insurance, including coverage for rental and heritage properties.

Overview of the mortgage process plus other home and personal finance topics.

Square footage affects your home's appraised value. Calculating it is easier than you think.

The Globe and Mail calculator will tell you.

A primer on the board including frequently asked questions about landlords/tenants.

Complete guide, from looking for accommodations to landlord relations and moving out.

Tips and Advice

PadMapper lists apartments by price, location and other parameters.

Real estate has its own jargon. Here’s a list of 13 common terms you should know.

Six tips from a professional stager for getting your home up to resale speed.

Use paint and other tricks of the trade to appeal to the broadest pool of buyers.

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