Buying and owning a home was once so simple. You found a place you liked, got a mortgage from the local bank, and started cutting the grass on Saturday mornings. No longer. There are now well over 100 new housing projects in the Ottawa area, the resale market is booming, and wherever we turn, we see gorgeous finishes, hear about new green features, and spot enticing products for outdoor living. Choice, in other words, abounds. And choice sometimes confounds. Which is where All Things Home steps in. Created by Anita Murray and Patrick Langston, both seasoned writers specializing in the residential scene, All Things Home is your online resource for everything about buying, owning, selling, even renting a home in Ottawa. We hope you enjoy the site, benefit from it and come back often.

Who we are

Anita Murray | President

I’m a self-confessed HGTV junkie and gardening hack with a love of beautiful spaces. While my own 1970s bungalow is still a work in progress (a full-time job and three kids = no time or cash), since 2011 I have had the fortune to visit many of Ottawa’s stunning homes and share them with readers.

A career journalist with more than 25 years as an editor and writer at the Ottawa Citizen, I was most recently Homes Editor for five years, covering the new and resale home markets, design, architecture, renovations, gardening and more for both the paper and Ottawa Citizen Style magazine.

Memorable projects included a year-long effort to produce the Buyer’s Guide to New Homes; a special magazine called Build commemorating the 60th anniversary of the local housing association; and countless themed sections focusing on topics such as building green, small space solutions, the Housing Design Awards and the annual Homes for the Holidays tour.

A strong working relationship with Patrick made it a natural for us to continue a partnership when I chose to leave the paper and strike out on my own in 2016. Besides our appreciation for the housing industry, we share a love of black dogs, cheap Ikea breakfasts, small-town living and writing stories.

Patrick Langston | Vice-President

You don’t know me, but I’ll let you in on a secret: I can’t stop doing it. Admiring lovely, smartly designed homes, that is. Noticing the way they sit proudly on their lots as if proclaiming to the world, “Someone cared enough to plan me well, and I’ll still be here, cherished and occupied, years from now.”

That passion for homes, a passion I’ve indulged by writing about them for nine years at the Ottawa Citizen and for other publications, extends to everything from green building and renovations to architecture and gardening.

My love affair with all things homes was sparked ages ago when my wife and I bought a 1904 farmhouse outside of town. Since then, I’ve rebuilt the old place (it’ll be finished soon – really!). I like to think my two daughters learned something about self-sufficiency by growing up in a DIY household.

Anita and I worked together on countless stories and special projects at the Citizen. This website is our chance to continue our professional relationship by helping you discover whatever it is you need to know about homes.

And yes, we are both nuts about black dogs. All dogs, in fact. And all homes.

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Here’s what makes a good story.

Do you have an upbeat or even cautionary tale to tell about your DIY reno, your latest landscaping discovery, your secret to saving up for that first down payment? Share it with others at All Things Home. It costs you nothing except a little time. To make your story an attention getter, remember to stay focused on your main theme, keep your sentences short and punchy, use concrete examples, and don’t be afraid of a little humour. Go ahead and have fun; if it looks good, you’ll see your name and story on our website. And don’t forget to include a photo of your project or latest find!