2024 household hazardous waste depots

One-day drop-off depots organized by the city are set to resume.

Are you ready for an emergency?

An emergency preparedness kit can be a life saver in a crisis.

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There are alternatives to just putting it in the garbage.

TLC for your tree

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Homeowner Helpers: Vampire power & how to tame it

Standby power for electronic devices could be adding 10 per cent to your annual electricity cost.

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Be safe with flammables

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Homeowner Helpers: Improving indoor air quality

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Detector check

Fire and carbon monoxide: Early detection saves lives.

Hot water tank TLC

Maintaining your hot water tank will save you aggravation and money.

Prevent faucet freeze-up

Save yourself a lot of grief by draining your exterior faucets before we get freezing temperatures.

Winter & your mechanical systems

Get your heating system tuned up now, not when it's 30 below.

5 fast home maintenance jobs

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How to wash pillows

Cleaning your pillows keeps them hygienic and smelling fresh

Summertime maintenance

Nine must-do home maintenance tasks for July.


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