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Has your home had storm damage?

Here's what you need to know about checking for storm damage to your home.

Homeowner Helpers: Maintaining your deck

Annual TLC for your deck is a good long-term investment.

2022 household hazardous waste depots

One-day drop-off depots organized by the city are set to resume.

Hold off on yard cleanup

Being a lazy gardener is better at this crucial time.
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Clothes dryer vent solutions

Poor dryer vents waste energy, slow dryer times, let in cold air and can lead to dryer fires.

Dry winter air in your home

How to raise indoor humidity levels during the cold months.

Fire kills

What you need to know about fire prevention in your home.

Cleaning appliances

How often should you clean these popular appliances?

Don't throw out your old Christmas tree

There are alternatives to just putting it in the garbage.
From the experts

Eliminating ice on your roof

If your roof is susceptible to ice build-up, here’s why and how to fix it.

Top home maintenance tips for winter

10 easy winter maintenance tips to keep your home running smoothly.

Your home and climate resiliency 

Climate change is here and that means your home needs to be protected.

Homeowner Helpers: Vampire power & how to tame it

Standby power for electronic devices could be adding 10 per cent to your annual electricity cost.

TLC for your tree

Here's what you need to know so your tree will last and to keep you safe.

TLC for your wood furniture

How to clean, protect and repair your wood furniture.

Top fall maintenance tips

10 inside and outside tips to get your home ready for winter.

Homeowner Helpers: Improving indoor air quality

What you need to know about indoor air quality in the winter.


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