Roof inspection time

A visual inspection of your roof now could save your money and headaches in the future.

Mid-August maintenance musts

Six things you need to do around the house and one you don't.

Time to caulk

Caulking keeps moisture out and reduces energy costs.

Laminate flooring gaps

A simple fix for gaps in your laminate flooring.

Tidying up

Get your garage shipshape now and you’ll appreciate it later.

Be safe with flammables

How to store and dispose of paint, gasoline and other dangerous materials.

Hold off on yard cleanup

Being a lazy gardener is better at this crucial time.

Your monthly maintenance checklist

Six easy tasks to do every month to keep your home in peak operating condition.

Cleaning tips for COVID-19

Cleaning household surfaces with soap and water can control the spread of coronavirus.

Is your oven ready?

Does your oven door gasket need to be replaced before cooking that big turkey dinner?

Spring home tuneup

Staying ahead of the big melt & other early spring maintenance tips.

February home maintenance round-up

Here are 5 easy tasks you can do this month to keep your home running smoothly.

Battery fire hazard

Household batteries could cause a serious fire if improperly stored in your home or elsewhere.

How often should you clean that?

12 tips on cleaning & timing for things you might overlook.

Instant Pot troubleshooting

Getting rid of stains & odours, plus general care and cleaning of your Instant Pot.

Houses that go bump in the night

Understanding why your home can make loud bangs in winter.


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