Builders, home improvement pros, housing terms and more: our resources are your go-to spot for home buying and ownership in the Ottawa area.

Business Directories

Connecting you to Ottawa’s housing industry

From award-winning builders and renovators to designers, suppliers and dependable trades, our directories of Ottawa professionals connect you to the best the local housing industry offers.

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Mortgage Calculator

Figuring out your payments

Can you afford that home? Our mortgage calculator is your first step in determining just how much house will fit your budget.

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Making sense of the jargon

Like any industry, housing has its own vocabulary that sometimes seems created just to baffle you. Our glossary of housing terms helps take the baffle out of home buying and ownership in Ottawa.

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Tips & Advice

Guiding you on your buying or renovating journey

From choosing the right builder to maintaining and decorating your home, our tips and advice answer all your questions. New homes, renovations, decor, gardening: in Ottawa, we cover it all.

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Helpful Links

Extra resources to help you

Whether you’re buying, renovating or maintaining a home in Ottawa, our links to reliable information sources can save you time, money and effort.

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