How to be environmentally sustainable this year

21 eco-conscious resolutions for 2021 and action plans for reaching your goals

January 2021 new-home market is hot

The year got off to a strong start when it comes to Ottawa new-home sales in January, continuing a trend of high demand.

Planning to grow vegetables? Don’t wait.

2021 could be another year of vegetable seed shortages.

Ottawa resale market hot in January

Heavy demand and luxury homes drive monthly sales and prices higher

How regulating home builders has changed

Tarion splits its role with the new Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) in a move to better protect buyers.

Ottawa's housing market thrives in the pandemic

What you need to know about Ottawa's housing market in 2020 and 2021.

Average new-home prices to begin 2021

Ottawa’s relentlessly hot market means prices have soared. Here’s what your money will buy.

December new-home sales

They were slower to end the year, but still higher than the average.

Ottawa resale market sets new records in 2020

Units sold and total dollar volume grew despite pandemic.

2021 trends in Ottawa housing and design

Housing market, renovations & design features: Here’s what to expect in Ottawa this year.

12 things to do this Christmas

We may not be able to gather with family and friends the way we usually do this Christmas, but there are plenty of ways to celebrate and have fun.

November 2020 new-home sales slow

Ottawa’s new-home market slowed again in November, continuing an easing off that began in October.

New home buying tips

Buying a new home? 5 things to know before you search.

How buying a home has become harder

Escalating prices, frequent sellouts & high demand: How COVID-19 has affected the market

Ottawa resale market stays strong in November

Resale sales and prices were up again last month, as inventory problems continued to dog the market

2020 Homes for the Holidays is virtual

This year’s Homes for the Holidays tour almost didn’t happen, until it went virtual.

2020 Housing Design Awards

Usually a gala dinner, this year’s event had to go virtual to recognize the best in Ottawa design.


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