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Busting insulation myths

Here are the seven most persistent insulation myths. Bust them and you’ll enjoy better energy efficiency and building life.

4 keys to low-maintenance exteriors

If you want long-term low maintenance around the outside of your home, keep these design considerations in mind.

Feeling fresh in the dead of winter

Got the winter blues? Sue Pitchforth shares 10 tips on how to keep your space feeling fresh.

Extending your indoor living space

Has the COVID-19 lockdown got you scrambling to feel like you have more living space? Here are three solutions.

Pandemic projects for your home

8 easy-to-do projects to help you love your home during the lockdown.

Getting organized in 20 minutes or less

12 ways to take a step toward a more organized home and life in 20 minutes or less.

Mitre saw vs. table saw

Wondering which to buy first if you can only afford one? Here’s what Steve Maxwell recommends.

Upping your home’s energy efficiency

Four ways to make your home two times more efficient.

7 easy Christmas centrepiece projects

Create some holiday fun with these simple projects the whole family can enjoy.

Creating a festive front porch

It’s easier than you think to create a warm welcome for friends and family.

Why you need carbon monoxide detectors

The more efficient your home, the more you need one. Steve Maxwell explains why.

Don’t let your home make you sick

Common causes of indoor air pollution and what to do about them.

How to hang something heavy on drywall

Don’t trust a regular drywall anchor. Here’s what you need for heavy duty holding.

Creating an easy fireplace makeover

From paint to wallpaper or replacing the stone, give your fireplace a fresh look with these helpful tips.

4 tips to a long-lasting roof

You can get an asphalt shingle roof that lasts if you choose wisely.

5 tips for installing trim

Installing your own trim, moulding and baseboard is one of the most useful DIY home improvement ventures you can take on.

Creating a backyard space

Turning a blank canvas into an outdoor living space.


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