Guest Column

Don’t let your home make you sick

Common causes of indoor air pollution and what to do about them.
Featured Expert

Why you need carbon monoxide detectors

The more efficient your home, the more you need one. Steve Maxwell explains why.

How to hang something heavy on drywall

Don’t trust a regular drywall anchor. Here’s what you need for heavy duty holding.

Creating an easy fireplace makeover

From paint to wallpaper or replacing the stone, give your fireplace a fresh look with these helpful tips.

5 tips for installing trim

Installing your own trim, moulding and baseboard is one of the most useful DIY home improvement ventures you can take on.

Creating a backyard space

Turning a blank canvas into an outdoor living space.

Renovating for energy savings

Two important developments in energy-efficient renovations will have an impact on Ottawa homeowners.

Lazy flushing toilets

Got a slow-flushing toilet? Here are likely causes plus solutions.

Ladder upcycling

An upcycled ladder creates a fun vignette in the garden.

The real cost of clutter

A cluttered home can have emotional, physical and financial costs.

Is asbestos siding safe?

What you need to know about asbestos siding.

Using mirrors in the garden

Tips for using mirrors to add interest and the feeling of extra space in your garden.

The shortage of skills

Why skilled tradespeople are harder to find than they used to be.

Creating a shed vignette

How to turn a blank fence of shed wall into a creative display.

Setting up a garage workshop

Getting your workshop right means overcoming these 3 common hurdles.

Don't take risks: Hire only insured contractors

An uninsured contractor could cost you big time if they are injured on your property.


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