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Reverse mortgage predatory?

A reverse mortgage can sap one of a homeowner's major assets. more
SOURCE Guest Post: Greg Graham

Housing & the next generation

Helping our kids get into the housing market. more
SOURCE Ottawa Citizen

Beyond our means

Survey finds majority of residents believe Ottawa is unaffordable more
SOURCE The Globe and Mail

Climate change and insurance

Climate change could impact your home insurance coverage. more
SOURCE The Globe and Mail

Back with the parents

Living with parents while saving for a home can work if it's properly planned. more

HELOCs causing debt

Home Equity Lines of Credit are contributing in a major way to Canadian household debt. more
SOURCE Patrick Langston, All Things Home

Overlooked expenses

There are a lot more expenses when buying a home than you might think more
SOURCE Huffington Post

Some alternative lenders like scalpers

Some Canadians are turning to the dark side to achieve home ownership. more
SOURCE The Globe and Mail

First-time buyer incentive has issues

The new First Time Home Buyer Incentive seems less than ideal. more

Help for first-time buyers

Details of federal First-Time Home Buyer Incentive program announced. more
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SOURCE Financial Post

Mortgage pre-approval

What mortgage pre-approval is and how to get it. more
SOURCE The Globe and Mail

Condo caution

Know who you are dealing with when buying a pre-construction condo. more

Pain for gain

Bank of Canada governor feels mortgage rules are working to cool down overheated housing market. more
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