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Young buyer, big down payment

How to save a 20 per cent down payment even if you're young. more
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Canadian housing market stable

New report sees no housing market correction over the next several years. more
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Protecting your investment

Title insurance can protect your budget against nasty surprises. more
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DIY at tax time

DIY tax return options are expanding, including a new service from a tax software maker. more

Nix the Home Buyers' Plan

Borrowing money from your RRSP for home buying may be unwise. more
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Saving for a down payment

Knowing how to do it makes saving for a down payment a lot easier. more
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Overlooked expenses

There are a lot more expenses when buying a home than you might think more
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Don't buy yet

Mortgage changes might mean good times coming for buyers. more
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Too much mortgage

That bigger home is tempting, but can you afford it? Read more ... more
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Mortgage insurance: a bad buy?

Signing up for mortgage insurance may not be financially wise. more
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Tax rebate

HST rebate on new homes in Ontario has limits. more
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A home or retirement: Which to save for?

Smart planning means a home of your own and a comfortable retirement. more
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