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GenXers' financial woes

Saving for retirement a stress-filled challenge for many Generation Xers. more
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Mortgage rate tips

Six tips for dealing with escalating mortgage rates. more
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CRA and home sales

New rules mean you have to report the sale of your home when you do your taxes. more
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Going variable

For many borrowers, a variable-rate mortgage is the best option right now. more
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Protecting your investment

Title insurance can protect your budget against nasty surprises. more
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Mortgage dangers

Alternative mortgage lenders need to be thoroughly checked out. more
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DIY at tax time

DIY tax return options are expanding, including a new service from a tax software maker. more
SOURCE Nick Bachusky, All Things Home

Mortgage brokers and banks

Lack of familiarity is one reason people don't use mortgage brokers. more

Nix the Home Buyers' Plan

Borrowing money from your RRSP for home buying may be unwise. more
SOURCE Jenna Roundell, All Things Home

Are homes investments?

Should you consider your home an investible asset? more
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Home equity loan risk

Balances on home equity loans in Canada jump significantly. more
SOURCE Financial Post

New financial adviser

What to do when your adviser retires at the same time as you. more
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