A little or a lot: How renovating your whole home can save time, money and stress

You’ve saved, you’ve planned, and it’s finally time to think about renovating your whole home. Your wish list has everything from a complete kitchen renovation to removing walls and changing out the flooring. But with so much to do, is it better to tackle your project in smaller chunks or do everything at the same time?

Whenever possible, we advise our clients to complete their renovations all at once. It’s more efficient, maximizes your budget and is easier in the long run. Here are a few of the benefits you can gain by renovating your whole home in one go:

Achieving a cohesive design

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When your renovation includes several areas of your home, it’s important to create a sense of continuity between spaces. Addressing them all at the same time makes it much easier to achieve a unified design vision throughout your entire home.

You’ll be much happier with your beautiful new kitchen if you also refresh the dated fireplace and furnishings in the adjacent family room.

Enhancing flow and functionality

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By looking at your entire space holistically, you can identify opportunities to improve traffic flow and usability. This might include changing the layout of the kitchen, shifting doorways or even removing walls altogether.

It’s important to note that some changes can only be made under certain circumstances, which may be a deciding factor. For example, the height of your subfloor in the kitchen might need to be altered to accommodate new flooring, but this can only be done during a complete kitchen renovation when the cabinets are fully removed.

Maximizing cost efficiency

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A larger project usually means a larger budget, but you’ll likely save money in the long run by doing your renovations all at once. Instead of having trades work on each space separately, they can complete all the required work at the same time.

Streamlining the renovation process

We usually recommend moving out during a multi-room renovation because it’s much more efficient for the contractors and minimizes the disruption to your daily life. If you choose to break your renovation into multiple small projects, you might start to feel like you’re permanently living in a construction zone.

To help you decide which spaces to include in your renovation, you can use doorways as a guide. For example, since bedrooms and bathrooms are typically closed off from the rest of your living space, they can more easily be updated separately.


That said, there’s nothing quite like a whole-home renovation. Since many people move out of their house during construction, it can be an ideal time to update the bathrooms as well.


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Natalie Cox CPI Interiors

Natalie Cox

Natalie is lead designer and president of CPI Interiors. She loves saving clients time, money and stress by offering a full range of design services for both new and existing residences. She is known for her customized floor plans, creating harmony and balance, and helping clients make the most of their space.



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