Metric Homes in Fox Run focuses on space, designs and flexibility

The enclave of singles by Metric Homes in Fox Run is a surprising place. Not because it’s there — Fox Run in Richmond, just south of Stittsville, is a popular and growing community — but because Metric’s enclave feels so much like a small, distinct neighbourhood unto itself.

Metric’s single-family bungalows and two-storey homes are on a quiet crescent and cul-de-sac with direct access to green space, trails and two stormwater management ponds where, on a recent warm autumn morning, geese rested before continuing their journey south.

Metric has, for 20-plus years, traditionally built their unique custom homes on larger lots than most other builders and is also building in the Kanata-Stittsville and Carp areas. All lots in Fox Run are at least 50 feet wide.

“The size of the lots is one big aspect that makes our communities special,” says company co-owner and executive vice-president Stephan Keedwell. “We can also build the houses further apart, and that creates much nicer designed homes because you have the space to do something different with each one.”

A stroll through the neighbourhood reveals exactly what Keedwell describes. A modern-themed home on one lot, a Craftsman-inspired model on another, a hip-roofed bungalow down the block, all with premium finishes: it makes for an endlessly changing but harmonious streetscape with a distinctively village-like feel.

Julie Huot, who with her partner and son moved into a Metric bungalow in 2021, says the varied designs “reflect the families and showcase our differences and also how we come together as a community.”

The extra space between homes also affords a greater sense of privacy within the neighbourly setting.

Metric’s parcel of land in Fox Run, where they began building four years ago, has 42 lots, including its model home. Only a handful of lots remain available, including a just-released 74-foot-wide corner location.

Metric is also currently offering a total of $125,000 off any home in Fox Run.

If the enclave by Metric Homes in Fox Run feels like a village, a village is exactly what Richmond itself is.

It may now be part of the City of Ottawa, but historic Richmond, founded in 1818 and situated along the Jock River, still boasts a country fair, offers village charm and has as its official mascot a fox. At the same time, Keedwell points out there are elementary and high schools, a Your Independent Grocer, an LCBO and — what would life be without one? — a Tim Hortons.

“You’re away from the hustle and bustle of the city but not that far away,” he adds. “It’s only 15 minutes to Stittsville or Kanata, and Highway 416 is close by.”

Keedwell says Metric’s Fox Run project is also an opportunity to get in on the “ground floor” in Richmond before prices catch up to big-city levels.

A mix of housing styles and finishes defines the streetscapes at Metric’s enclave in Richmond.

Metric Homes’ unique approach to building

With deep roots in custom building, Metric offers a unique approach to homebuying.

For example, purchasers can simply choose from the company’s wide selection of plans and have their home built that way.

Or they can ask for changes to the plan and pay nothing extra for the redesign, only for the change in construction costs. That was what Huot, who praises Metric’s attention to customer service, did in requesting layout changes to accommodate her special-needs son. “I really felt like they cared,” she says.

Alternatively, buyers can bring their own custom plan to Metric for construction; again, if they request changes there is no charge for the design work.

Keedwell notes that such a willingness to adapt to buyer needs is a hallmark of Metric, where a buyer is dealing directly with one of the three owners.

Not only is Metric a certified Energy Star builder, which comes as standard with each home, they are also a qualified Net Zero builder. This means Metric can design your home to ultimately produce as much energy as it consumes with the help of solar panels.

Metric also offers multi-generational living options (the company calls it a “home within a home”) in some of its designs.

Although the multi-generational home looks like a regular one from outside and doesn’t require a larger lot, the floor plan allows for two separate entrances and living quarters, including distinct kitchens, living rooms and heating systems. It’s an ideal solution for anyone wanting in-laws or others to be close but still have privacy.

“Everyone absolutely has their independence,” says Keedwell. “But if they need each other, they’re right there. And if one set of occupants goes travelling, the others can keep an eye on their space.”

And if cost is an obstacle to purchasing a fully multi-generational home, Metric is happy to discuss changing a regular floor plan to offer many of the benefits of a home within a home while controlling the price point.

“We like to think of it as Metric’s ‘infinite flexibility,’” says Keedwell with a grin.

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