Outdoor lighting offers endless variations, fun designs and ease of use

People love their homes, but when outdoor lighting is added, romance blazes into rapture.

“Exterior lighting really showcases a home,” says Thom Bourne, president of GLO Outdoor Lighting. “It shows off the best architectural features and lets homeowners celebrate a special event or even cheer on a favourite sports team with a fun display. To me, it’s all about showing how much you love your home and how your home captures your family’s personality.”

GLO is a division of Nutri-Lawn, which has been enhancing Ottawa properties for over 30 years with a range of lawn care and other services. The company specializes in creating imaginative lighting solutions that blend so well with the unique design of a home and property they appear to have been there since Day 1.


“A good outdoor lighting system is one that’s custom-created to accent a home’s design,” says Bourne. “It highlights the front or rear of a home. Lighting can also be installed around decks and pools for an ambient effect or it can lend atmosphere to a favourite outdoor building or a secluded garden hideaway.”

Outdoor lighting enhances a home’s curb appeal, a big plus anytime but especially if you wind up selling. By defining and helping illuminate a home’s exterior, it also makes a property safer for family and visitors.

GLO’s systems come with over 300 downloadable, pre-programmed static and moving patterns to suit any home or occasion. Bourne says homeowners can also create their own unique designs — a feature children love thanks to its potential for everything from whimsical to dramatic effects.


“All you need is a phone or tablet to download or design your lighting. You can even change brightness, the speed of moving patterns and on/off times from anywhere with an internet connection. With all these options, your imagination is the limit.”

Home improvement guru Mike Holmes, a fan of well-designed outdoor lighting, says in an article he uses ambient lighting when designing outdoor spaces. “I always create ‘zones’… This means that with lighting, you can create different ambiences depending on how you are using your space.”

Because outdoor lighting is a permanent installation, it also means no more struggling up and down a ladder, and potentially taking a dangerous tumble, when it’s time to put up or take down Christmas lights. A few simple digital commands and your home is ready to welcome the holiday season.


Creative lighting adds joy to your neighbourhood, according to Bourne. “In fact, neighbours often jump on board by getting their own installations and sometimes a little friendly rivalry starts when it’s time for Christmas and other seasonal displays.”

Outdoor lighting should incorporate high-end LED bulbs for maximum energy efficiency, a serious consideration in a time of rapidly increasing living costs. Good LED technology also offers a range of white or warm illumination, consistent lighting levels, and a long lifespan. Once a system is up and running, it just needs to be enjoyed.

Having an exterior lighting system installed isn’t complicated. A technician does an on-site assessment of a home and the owners’ lighting dreams. That’s followed by a design solution that includes electrical work to meet all building codes. Installation then usually takes only a day or so.


The homeowner is trained on using the lighting system, including how to download or create designs and control the array.

“Our installations include after-sales support, and our robust technology and five-year warranty guarantee trouble-free performance year-round,” says Bourne.

He says an outdoor lighting system is a tip of the hat to your favourite space, a way of displaying the warm feeling your home gives you every time you pull into the driveway.


“Besides that, outdoor lighting is just fun!”

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