Spring decor: 7 ways to add a splash of spring to your home

Having fun with spring decor is a great antidote to such a cold, long winter. I don’t know about you, but I can never wait for spring to come. I get so impatient that, as winter slowly comes to an end, I start gathering spring ideas we can easily do in our homes while we wait for warmer weather.

With that in mind, here are some quick, fun ideas I’ve already started doing to beat away those last winter blahs and welcome spring.

Cushion power

Easily change up the look of a room with the power of a cushion. As you can see in the photos below, simply changing out the cushion really changes the chair and energy in the space. It’s a cost-effective way to update.


spring decor sue pitchforth accent pillows

And a punch of colour in a small cushion makes a big impact:

spring decor sue pitchforth accent pillows


New season, new theme

I love switching up my colour themes during the year. Here is a secret — you don’t have to break the bank to do it.

For this spring decor option, I’ve gathered some cushions in a fresh, soft coral shade teamed with cream, a throw and added a black/cream bold accent pillow to really make it pop.

spring decor sue pitchforth accessories


The formula? A couple of cushions + a throw = a great new look!

Tulips & lemons/limes — Oh my!

Who would have thought sliced lemons or limes, water, a glass vase and some tulips would bring so much joy into your home? I’ve been creating these simple centrepieces for years and never tire of them.

Slice up the lemons/limes and cut the bottom of your tulips. I usually place the lemons/limes in the vase first, standing them up, add water, then the tulips. The citrus in the fruit smells great and extends the life of the tulips.


sue pitchforth tulips vase lemons

This little DIY project also makes a great hostess gift on your next visit with friends and family.

Spring-inspired trays

I love creating little tray or cake stand vignettes throughout the year. These trays are front and centre in my kitchen and living area.


Metal tray: I went with a more neutral feel for this tray, adding river rocks, wicker and textured decor balls, some faux greenery, a lightbulb for light and interest and my favourite addition, an owl.

spring decor sue pitchforth tray vignette

You don’t have to buy a whole bunch of stuff to create your own tray. Why not look around the house and see what interesting pieces you have? Happy hunting!


Cake stand: I love a white cake stand. It’s a great base for any vignette and can be used all year long.

spring decor sue pitchforth tray vignette

As you can see, I like to gather eclectic things and pull them together. Why not pull out one of your cake stands and see what fresh look you can create?


Faux tulips

Normally, I like to use fresh tulips and flowers wherever I can, but these two ideas are the exception.

I love this little stand of vases in a metal holder. In late winter, just before spring arrives, I always fill them with faux tulips.

spring decor sue pitchforth tulips


It brightens my space but also brightens my mood. The dollar store is my go-to place for faux flowers. Such a great selection at an excellent price.

About 10 years ago I saw a photo of a unique spring front door swag and I have been doing it ever since. How can a DIY project be any easier?

Grab an umbrella, some ribbon and faux flowers and within a few minutes you have a wonderfully, fun, unique accent for your front door that will inspire visitors. Hang it with a wreath holder or a Command hook.


A variation is to use a suitable wicker basket to hold the flowers.

Succulent lantern

Lanterns and succulents make a great combination to herald in spring. This quick DIY project (with all supplies sourced at the dollar store) is fun to work on.

Make sure you clean the glass on your lantern, then add the river rocks, mini lights and finally the succulents. Close the door and voila! You have an amazing lantern you can use inside or out (if it’s warm enough outside for the succulents).


Lilac lemonade

One sure sign that spring is here is lilacs in bloom. They are beautiful and so fragrant. And did you know you can create a delicious drink from them?

My friend and colleague, Lana Doss – The Fine Gardener, showed up one day for a visit and brought some delicious lilac lemonade with her. I never would have thought of such a thing.

As you can see in the photos, she even created lilac and pansy ice cubes that can be added to any beverage:


To make your own lilac lemonade you will need:

  • A big glass jar with lid
  • Lilac flowers (no wooden stems/branches)
  • Can of pink lemonade
  • A splash or two of Pinot Grigio wine
  • Glasses that have been kept in the freezer

Add the ingredients together in the jar. Let sit for at least an hour in the fridge. Serve with lilac/pansy ice cubes in a frozen glass. And, most importantly, enjoy!

I hope these quick, fun, flower- and colour-inspired spring decor ideas get you in the mood to welcome the season in your home.


Happy Spring!

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Sue Pitchforth

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