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SOURCE Guest Post: Steve Maxwell

Inspect your home inspector

What to watch for to ensure your inspector knows their stuff. more
SOURCE Guest Post: Steve Maxwell

4 tips for buying a home

Key technical issues to watch for when you’re house hunting. more

Help for first-time buyers

Details of federal First-Time Home Buyer Incentive program announced. more

Pain for gain

Bank of Canada governor feels mortgage rules are working to cool down overheated housing market. more
SOURCE Patrick Langston, All Things Home

Rookie home buying blunders

Five blunders first-time buyers need to avoid more
SOURCE Ottawa Citizen

Bill Teron's masterpiece

The spectacular Kanata home of late developer Bill Teron goes on the market. more
SOURCE Guest Post: Jessica Langston

We are home

First-time buyers move into their home six months after starting the search. more
SOURCE Ottawa Citizen

Virtual house tours

Virtual technology gives potential buyers a fresh view of properties. more
SOURCE Patrick Langston, All Things Home

Country charm

Rural and village homes for sale: charm + price. more
SOURCE The Toronto Star

Deals go to pot?

Is a legal agreement to buy a home still valid if it's discovered it was once a marijuana grow-op? more
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SOURCE Guest Post: Jessica Langston

Almost ready

Getting ready to take possession is all about lists. more
SOURCE Jessica Langston, All Things Home

Inspection time

A lot rides on the pre-purchase home inspection. more
SOURCE The Globe and Mail

Home inspections drop

Some buyers in hot markets are skipping a home inspection. more
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