Natural kitchen design ideas: 4 easy ways to bring nature inside

The heart of the home, the kitchen, has witnessed an exciting resurgence of natural elements in recent years. Natural wood has taken centre stage, infusing kitchens with warmth, character and a timeless appeal. Incorporating natural elements into your kitchen design can help create a peaceful sanctuary in a room that brings a family together.

As you begin your kitchen design plans, consider the benefits of introducing natural materials using these four simple design techniques:

#1. Natural wood cabinets

Natural wood cabinetry provides unique grains and textures and is a safe complement to traditional and contemporary design kitchens. Gone are the days when oak was the only choice for wood kitchen cabinet materials. Today, a diverse array of wood species is being utilized to create unique and personalized looks.


Some natural woods exquisitely reflect light, like cherry and walnut. They provide a warm and organic contrast to some of the harder edge surfaces in kitchen design. For instance, pairing a stunning natural wood kitchen island with sleek quartz countertops or marble surfaces can introduce a captivating juxtaposition and add layers of texture and depth.

natural kitchen laurysen
The perfect blend of natural wood countertops and cabinetry. Photo courtesy Laurysen Kitchens

You may also be interested in wooden countertops to maintain that consistent wood theme. Designers are experimenting with various cabinet colours and finishes, such as distressed, whitewashed and live edge, to add depth and character to the wood. Your wood cabinets will be the focal point of your kitchen — especially when combined with the right cabinet hardware.

#2. Earthy colour palettes

Earth-toned colour palettes, including beiges, greens and browns, can also be used to add a natural vibe to your kitchen.


Homeowners are moving away from the all-white minimalist kitchens and more towards the calming earth tones. The beauty of earth-inspired hues is that they can be diverse and fill the neutral base colour role without being one-dimensional.

Laurysen mood board
Earthy cabinetry and natural stone accents create rustic kitchen elegance. Photo courtesy Laurysen Kitchens

You can incorporate these natural tones in many ways, including painted cabinets or earthy backsplashes and countertops. For cabinetry, a lighter contrasting colour like sage green or cream for your overhead kitchen cupboards will break up an all-wood look. Opting for a matte finish rather than gloss also helps to keep things feeling and looking rustic.

#3. Wooden shelving

Wood accent shelves are perfect for herbs, plants or organic art pieces to warm up your kitchen. Consider removing some upper kitchen cabinets and adding shelving with or without soft lighting features.


Wood accent shelving allows the beauty of the wood to shine and promotes a functional, accessible and practical space. Live-edge wood shelves embrace natural shapes and create a naturalistic look that can showcase beautiful millwork. Open shelves are perfect for displaying curated collections of spices, cookware and greenery, creating a harmonious blend of nature and utility.

Laurysen floating shelves
Wooden open shelving in the kitchen adds a touch of natural charm. Photo courtesy Laurysen Kitchens

#4. Natural light 

Incorporating abundant natural light and sunshine into your design plan will illuminate your kitchen organically.

Consider wood blinds and light curtains to invite daylight into your modern kitchen. Natural light will bounce from reflective surfaces, making your kitchen feel brighter as well as bigger. Frameless large windows help fill kitchens with natural light and can provide views of garden spaces and outdoor yards.


Natural light enhances the colours in your kitchen and is one of the cheapest and most beautiful natural elements your entire family can enjoy.

Embracing nature in your kitchen design is like a breath of fresh air. Colours and textures found in nature bring a warm feeling of comfort to your space and will ensure that your kitchen truly is the heart of your dream home.

Are you ready to bring nature inside?


This column originally appeared on Laurysen’s blog.

About the Author

Zeina Agha

Zeina Agha is an award-winning designer at Laurysen Kitchens with over 15 years of international experience. Upon graduating with an architectural engineering degree from the University of Aleppo, she began her design career in Dubai, where she honed her meticulous and globally inspired approach. With a particular passion for kitchens, Zeina collaborates with clients to deliver innovative, functional and esthetically pleasing designs.



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