Ten years of the People's Choice Awards

You can begin voting Sept. 21 in the popular All Things Home People's Choice Award
Guest Column

Decor DIY: 5 easy weekend projects

DIY decor doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Here are 5 easy projects to inspire you.
Featured Expert

How to refinish a fibreglass door

With a little effort and know-how, this can be a DIY project.

Clutter busters

Tips and tricks to declutter and get organized

Making a connection

Renovated Champlain Park home is all about blending inside with outside and old with new.

Plan now to renovate in the spring

If you’re hoping to renovate in the spring, you may already be out of luck, but start your planning now, experts say

Maintaining your plumbing system

How and why you need to maintain your household plumbing.
From the experts

Hot upstairs, cold downstairs

Beating the summer heat: Here’s how to make upstairs bedrooms cooler.

5 fast home maintenance jobs

Keep your home up to snuff while leaving lots of time to bask in the long weekend.
From the experts

8 common pressure washer mistakes

Avoid these common pitfalls for better results, plus watch a video on how to get the most out of your pressure washer.

Redecorate on a budget

15 ways to get a fresh look without breaking the bank.

New energy-efficiency grant only part of the picture

The Canada Greener Homes Grant won't solve climate change on its own.
From the experts

Choosing the right wainscoting

Whether DIY or hiring a pro, choose an approach that makes sense for your home.

Homeowner Helpers: Six July DIY home maintenance tasks

Checking on pesky critters and five more household tasks for July.

Made in Canada for your home

Canada has a long tradition of innovation. Here are several creative products for your home (many of them new) that have origins here.
From the experts

Chairs and bikes as garden accessories

Give new life to old items with easy step-by-step DIY projects that create garden art.
From the experts

How to choose a good tape measure

It should be one of the first tools in your toolbox. Here are three tips on choosing & using a good one.

Homeowner Helpers: The lowdown on gutter guards

Should you invest in them? What you need to know about gutter guards.

Get rid of your household hazardous waste

City revives its rotating waste depots to help residents keep hazardous items out of landfill.


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