Homeowner Helpers: Monthly home checklist for January

Homeowner HelpersYour monthly home checklist for January will help keep your home running smoothly and comfortably through what is usually the coldest part of the winter.

Just as importantly, these five DIY tasks can save you money because it’s generally cheaper to maintain things than to repair or even replace them.

If you need help, check our directory of maintenance professionals in the Ottawa area.


1. Filter fixes

Furnace filters need regular cleaning or replacement to ensure furnace efficiency. And don’t forget to clean or replace your heat recovery ventilator (HRV) filter. Check our tips on doing these and other maintenance jobs.

2. Fire extinguishers


A quick check will tell you if they are fully charged, in good repair and easily accessible in an emergency. Learn more about checking your fire extinguishers.

3. Roofs in winter

Snow and ice can build up quickly at this time of year and damage your roof. And keep an eye out for damaged or missing shingles and flashing. Find out how to protect your roof in winter.


4. Keep these clear

Air intakes, exhausts and meters need to be clear of snow to work properly. To prevent melting snow from seeping into your basement, clear it away from your foundation and keep snowbanks a good distance from your home.

5. Exhaust fans


If you haven’t done it lately, clean your exhaust fans. Often, a quick vacuuming will do the trick. How to clean a bathroom exhaust fan properly.

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