HN Homes’ new models at Riverside South

Some eight years after its last new models at Riverside South, HN Homes is showcasing the diversity of what its homes offer with seven new ones.

“It’s always exciting to open new models,” says HN’s Riverside South sales representative, Megan Skoblikowskyj, who has been getting a lot of positive feedback on the homes since they opened last spring.

Four single-family homes and three townhomes designed by Simmonds Architecture, with interiors styled by Vogt Design, make up the parade of homes to tour. They range from the contemporary no-upgrades-included Aston (which is also the sales centre) to the fully loaded and Art Deco-themed Elmhurst family home and the traditional-looking Weston townhome.


While the template for the homes leans modern, as HN’s homes always have, “we wanted to show that regardless of your taste and your style that these homes could carry the different looks and could work well within a modern home,” says Vasi Jackson, HN’s sales and marketing manager. “We think Leonhard (Vogt) did a great job with pushing the envelope in certain ways but also having them still feel livable.”

new models at Riverside South HN homes Ottawa
HN has opened seven models at Riverside South — four singles and three townhomes. Photo:

For Vogt, the goal was to show the range of what you can do with an HN home. “You can inject your own personality into these houses; they’re not restricted into just a modern box… It’s almost showing the diversity you can get in style from the simplicity of (the home’s) design and the way that you can manipulate these spaces.”

Regardless of the style he’s chosen for a particular home, the approach, he says, “was always try to be one step ahead of the game, meaning that in its look and style just show something a bit more cutting edge or where the design or style was going towards.” That and pushing the boundaries of each style.


“It’s taking its design and going a bit further with it,” he says.


Collectively, these new models at Riverside South also show the range of features and finishes available. HN does not have a traditional design centre with samples of its full product offerings, so the model home finishes were chosen to allow visitors “to have a shopping experience in each of the homes,” says Jackson.


They also highlight several of HN’s included specifications; things like a finished basement space in all the homes, hardwood staircases, an elevated kitchen package, fully outfitted laundry rooms and no vinyl siding.

“These are the only model homes we have operating in the city,” says Jackson. “So, we wanted to be able to represent … a range of size and price point.”

Here’s a look at each of HN’s new models at Riverside South:


The Aston

What: HN’s largest two-storey single on a 35-foot lot
Sq. ft.: 2,782
Design style: Contemporary, with elements of a clean-lined traditional feel but influenced with modern as well
Of note: Doubling as the sales centre, this home is shown without upgrades to help buyers see exactly what they can get without having to pay extra.

“We receive a lot of positive feedback about the standard model,” says Skoblikowskyj. “It’s one thing to read through a builder’s standard specification; it’s entirely different to walk through a home that demonstrates those features.”

MORE: Take a 3D tour of the Aston

The Rockway

What: Two-storey single on a 35-foot lot
Sq. ft.: 2,173
Design style: Modern
Of note: The home was chosen for a model to show how a smaller single can live large. “It works really well as a floor plan and you don’t feel like you’ve compromised anything,” says Jackson.


Done on a palette of neutrals, it boasts bold geometric patterns to give it an edge and small pops of colour for visual variety.

MORE: Take a 3D tour of the Rockway

The Springhurst

What: Two-storey single on a 44-foot lot
Sq. ft.: 2,890
Design style: Mid-century feel, but to the extreme, says Vogt. “I injected not only pattern but colour as well.”
Of note: The Springhurst is a new model for HN, inspired by the builder’s very popular Kenson floor plan first introduced in Bridlewood several years ago. “People really gravitate towards that house,” says Jackson. “With the Springhurst, (architect Chris Simmonds) basically took that home and massaged it.”

Key features of the model include the glassed-in basement gym, which HN wanted to show, and a funky geometric accent wall in the dining room made from 24×24 striped panels.


MORE: Take a 3D tour of the Springhurst

The Elmhurst

What: Two-storey single on a 50-foot lot
Sq. ft.: 2,844
Design style: Art Deco with a twist
Of note: As one of the largest of the model homes, the Elmhurst also shows all the bells and whistles, including an upgraded exterior and a fully finished basement with a bedroom, full bathroom, media room, games area and wet bar.

“The Elmhurst is the ‘wow’ house,” says Jackson. While the glam design approach may not appeal to everyone, “people love the space” and HN has sold several of that floor plan.

The inspiration for the home was the fireplace wallpaper, which is actually a wood inlay, says Vogt, who admits the home is his favourite. “Personally, I love Art Deco.”


Like many of the other homes, it features a plethora of geometric shapes. It also boasts brushed brass finishes, reflective surfaces, black accents and a warm palette.

MORE: Take a 3D tour of the Elmhurst

The Lynwood

What: End-unit townhome
Sq. ft.: 2,272
Design style: Scandinavian feel
Of note: While the Elmhurst is Vogt’s favourite, the Lynwood is Jackson’s. “We’ve had a really positive reaction to the Lynwood model,” she says.

That doesn’t surprise Vogt, who points to the “livable palette” of grey, light woods and warm tones, along with showing a light contrast between finishes such as the concrete-like coffee table next to the cowhide rug.


MORE: Take a 3D tour of the Lynwood

The Weston

What: Interior unit townhome
Sq. ft.: 2,112
Design style: Traditional
Of note: This home was styled in a more traditional theme to mix things up and show a more classic look.

It features a neutral palette and “the furniture in here was just gorgeous,” says Vogt. It includes pickled woods and light furniture with a soft, traditional feel.

Adds Jackson: “What’s always made our towns successful is they don’t feel like your typical townhome unit.”


MORE: Take a 3D tour of the Weston

The Parkway

What: End-unit townhome
Sq. ft.: 2,523
Design style: Industrial-inspired
Of note: “Where the Weston showed a bit more of a feminine feel, this one definitely shows more masculine,” says Vogt.

Dark neutrals and concrete-like finishes are paired with pops of burnt orange to warm up the space and contrasted with touches of blue for variety.

While Vogt has heard mixed reviews of the design approach in the Parkway, it shows the diversity that he sought. “It’s to broaden the range of the purchaser market.”


MORE: Take a 3D tour of the Parkway

For more on Riverside South, see our development summary.



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