We’ve renovated! Ottawa’s best resource for homebuyers and owners gets a redesign

Welcome to the re-imagined All Things Home, Ottawa’s best resource for homebuyers and owners.

Why “re-imagined”?

When we launched All Things Home in 2017, we knew homebuyers and owners were eager for an informed, impartial and comprehensive online source of insights on local housing developments, builders, renovators, and suppliers and services.


Response to our site has been tremendous and our readership has grown exponentially. But, as veteran journalists with 20 years of experience covering Ottawa’s vibrant housing sector, we’ve always known there were more areas to explore, more ways to help homebuyers and owners meet their goals.

Our re-imagined site does that. Here’s what’s new:

  • Expanded coverage of housing developments in and around Ottawa.
  • A fresh look for our directories and company profiles of local builders, home improvement pros, and suppliers and services.
  • Model home pages that take you inside these creatively designed spaces.
  • A detailed guide to Ottawa’s urban, suburban and rural communities to help you decide where you’d like to live.
  • Even more information-packed articles on new homes, renovations and much more. They’ll help you plan your next move, whether it’s buying a new home or bringing your much-loved one up to date.
  • A new, handy maintenance calendar for those essential, easy-to-forget tasks and a glossary that explains those sometimes-baffling construction and housing terms.
  • More of our popular tips and advice on everything from closing costs when buying a home to avoiding design mistakes and planning outdoor spaces. You’ll find all this and more in our Resources section.

Are you plugged in?

Two final things to note:

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  • Put your home on auto-pilot: If you’re a homeowner, you need our Homeowner Helpers. Subscribe (it’s also free) and you’ll get a short email every two weeks reminding you of essential tasks and showing you how to do them.

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished at All Things Home over the past three and a half years. And whether you’re a regular or a new visitor, we know you’ll agree our new site does an even better job of supporting you in your homebuying and ownership journey.

Explore the site!


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