New & Custom Homes
SOURCE Patrick Langston, All Things Home

Urbandale's R-2000 homes back

R-2000 homes blend energy efficiency, style and comfort with an eye to the future. more
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Resale & Rental Living
SOURCE Ottawa Citizen

Tight inventory hurts

Ottawa's tight housing inventory is creating problems for buyers, realtors and others. more
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Renovations & Maintenance
SOURCE Guest Post: Steve Maxwell

Basement Q&A

Should you install a backwater valve, how to level a concrete floor & insulation. more
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Design & Decor
SOURCE Guest Post: Emma Doucet

Making your home beautiful and functional

An expert can help you to source appealing pieces with purpose. more
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Gardening & Landscaping
SOURCE All Things Home

Landscaping advice Q&As

How to turn your yard from a dud to a stud: From our main stage presentation at the spring home show. more
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Finance & Savings
SOURCE The Globe and Mail

Downsizing and the market

Boomers need to look at local housing market before selling the family home. more
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