New & Custom Homes
SOURCE Patrick Langston, All Things Home

Awarding Ottawa builders

Three Ottawa builders and renovators take home trophies at national awards. more
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Resale & Rental Living
SOURCE Patrick Langston, All Things Home

Inventory doldrums

Resale volume in April shows little growth but prices robust, says report. more
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Renovations & Maintenance
SOURCE All Things Home

May maintenance musts

Maintenance now pays off big time when the weather turns steamy. more
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Design & Decor
SOURCE Anita Murray, All Things Home

Ottawa’s kitchen & bath awards

White rules, with dashes of glass, wood and marble, in the winning entries at the Design Excellence Awards. more
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Gardening & Landscaping
SOURCE Guest Post: Sue Pitchforth

Creating your outdoor spaces

Adding personality and style to your yard or balcony is easier than you think. more
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Finance & Savings

Pain for gain

Bank of Canada governor feels mortgage rules are working to cool down overheated housing market. more
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