New & Custom Homes
SOURCE Guest Post: Greg Graham

The importance of a PDI

The pre-delivery inspection is part of your right to inspect your new home before you close. Here’s why it’s important. more
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Resale & Rental Living
SOURCE Patrick Langston, All Things Home

The 500K milestone

Average Ottawa resale prices top $500,000 for the first time in June. more
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Renovations & Maintenance
SOURCE All Things Home

Summertime maintenance

Nine must-do home maintenance tasks for July. more
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Design & Decor
SOURCE Guest Post: Ashlee Perry

Counter intelligence

Pros and cons of 11 popular kitchen counter materials. more
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Gardening & Landscaping
SOURCE Guest Post: Carson Arthur

5 reasons for raised veggie beds

Raised vegetable planters are this year’s hottest yard feature. more
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Finance & Savings
SOURCE The Globe and Mail

First-time buyer incentive has issues

The new First Time Home Buyer Incentive seems less than ideal. more
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