New & Custom Homes

Condos approved

Albert Street tower would be city's tallest as multiple projects approved. more
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Resale & Rental Living
SOURCE Guest Post: Jessica Langston

We are home

First-time buyers move into their home six months after starting the search. more
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Renovations & Maintenance
SOURCE Patrick Langston, All Things Home

Beautiful blue

Blue kitchens are welcoming and right on trend no matter where you look. more
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Design & Decor
SOURCE Our Homes

Getting organized

4 rules to getting and staying organized. more
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Gardening & Landscaping
SOURCE Guest Post: Steve Maxwell

Tips & tricks

The benefits and beauty of container gardening in 6 top tips & tricks. more
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Finance & Savings
SOURCE The Globe and Mail

Buying or selling privately?

Buying or selling a home privately can pay off if you're careful. more
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