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Energy efficiency at home

Save on your household energy bills with these timely tips. more
Guest Column
SOURCE Guest Post: Steve Barkhouse

Asbestos & other designated substances

Thinking of renovating? You need to find out what harmful substances are in your home first. more
Featured Expert
SOURCE Guest Post: Steve Maxwell

Bathroom exhaust fans

Keys to an exhaust fan that works well without a lot of noise. more
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A decade of People's Choice Awards

You can start voting Aug. 14 for the annual People's Choice Award. more
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Hot water tank TLC

Maintaining your hot water tank will save you aggravation and money. more
SOURCE Guest Post: Jason Burggraaf

Renovating for energy efficiency

How we as a city need to plan to renovate our homes, part 2. more
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Drywall fixes

Minor drywall repairs are DIY projects that help keep your home looking great. more
SOURCE Guest Post: Steve Maxwell

The key to a good paint job

It’s not the painting, it’s the prep beforehand that’s important. more
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Winter & your mechanical systems

Get your heating system tuned up now, not when it's 30 below. more
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Renovation the alternative as house prices climb

Many Canadians seek a solution to soaring house prices. more
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Are you ready for an emergency?

An emergency preparedness kit can be a life saver in a crisis. more
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Ottawa shines in award finalist lineup

Ottawa captures entire finalist selection for Renovator of the Year. more
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Mid-August maintenance musts

Six things you need to do around the house and one you don't. more
SOURCE Guest Post: John Liptak

Renovating vs. moving

Navigating the pros and cons of both decisions. more
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5 fast home maintenance jobs

Keep your home up to snuff while leaving lots of time to bask in the long weekend. more
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