2022 waste depots set for household hazardous items

The City of Ottawa has set nine dates for 2022 waste depots, giving residents a safe way to dispose of household hazardous materials that cannot go to landfill.

From April 24 to Oct. 23, the city will set up one-day drop-offs at locations throughout the city to accept hazardous items such as paint, disinfectants, pool chemicals and more.

Electronic waste is not being accepted at city depots, but the city’s website does include two separate e-waste events, one on April 9 and the other on April 23, and other suggestions on dealing with e-waste.


Open to Ottawa residents, the city’s waste depots accept corrosive, flammable and poisonous products that can’t go down the drain or to landfill because they would contaminate the water or soil.

These depots also accept a long list of household items such as fire extinguishers, fluorescent (CFL) bulbs and fertilizers. For a list of what is accepted, as well as details and times for this year’s depots, check the city’s website.

The first depot will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, April 24 at Tunney’s Pasture.


The city’s site also lists tips for reducing household hazardous waste, as well as where residents can dispose of many items year-round. For instance, batteries, paint and light bulbs can often be dropped off at home improvement stores. And the site offers tips on disposing of large, bulky items, like appliances.

Last year’s depots, which did not start until the end of June due to pandemic restrictions, still managed to divert 548 tonnes of hazardous waste from landfill (vs. 698 tonnes in 2020).

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