Homeowner Helpers: Monthly maintenance checklist for your home

Homeowner HelpersA monthly maintenance checklist helps keep your home safe, comfortable and operating at peak capacity. It can also save you money by keeping mechanical and other systems clean and efficient and by spotlighting small problems before they become big ones.

These monthly tasks are easy DIY ones. To make them even easier, we’ve linked each one to a how-to article.

Eight essential once-a-month maintenance jobs:


Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors: Working detectors can save your life and testing them is quick and easy.

Check furnace filters: Filters are the lungs of your furnace. Keeping them clean means everyone breathes easier.

Wash your washing machine: Yes, your washing machine needs a washing, too.


Clean the gutters: This is not just a spring or fall chore. Your eavestroughs can fill with debris anytime of year.

Wash your reuseable grocery bags: It’s a health thing. Reusable bags can pick up all kinds of germs.

Clean your coffee maker: Not cleaning it can lead to an accumulation of minerals, mould and more.


Maintain your range hood filter: It’s your first line of defence in keeping indoor air clean and free of toxins your stove releases during cooking.

Check fire extinguishers: Make sure they are ready for use and, just as importantly, that you and your family know how to use them.

Originally published March 25, 2020


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