Claridge is set to launch five projects this spring

It’s a busy start to the year as Claridge is set to launch five projects this spring — three downtown condos and two south-end low-rise developments.

Even for a builder like Claridge, which routinely has more than a dozen projects on the go, that’s a lot of launches all at once.

The projects include:

River’s Edge: Claridge’s latest development at Riverside South. It’s a mix of townhomes, semi-detached, two-storey singles and bungalows and is already open.

Moon: A condo tower and rental tower that will be built on top of the Lyon Light Rapid Transit station.

District: A condo tower and rental tower in Centretown. (Update July 25: This project will now be all rentals.)

Royale: A condo tower, rental tower and hotel in the ByWard Market. (Update Sept. 18: This project launched on Sept. 14)

Watter’s Pointe: A townhome development in Barrhaven. (Update July 25: This project has been delayed until fall.)

All are expected to be launched this spring. Full story


River’s Edge development profile

Claridge Moon development profile

Claridge Royale development profile

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