Getting ready to sell your home: What you need to know

The pandemic has slowed the real estate market, but that makes it a good time for getting ready to sell your home. From choosing an agent to staging and downsizing, we’ve pulled together multiple articles from All Things Home to help make your job easier. We wish you good luck as you get ready for the day you put your home on the market.

Finding a good agent comes first: Your Realtor not only has to be a proven pro, he or she also has to understand your needs, have a clear marketing strategy for your home and communicate effectively.

How to start the selling process: From having a comparative market analysis to seeing your home through a prospective buyer’s eyes, here’s what you need to do when getting ready to sell your home.


Small improvements can make an easier sale: Minor home improvements can make a major difference to how quickly you sell your home and how much you get for it.

Best affordable renovations when selling your home: Where should you put your money and efforts when renovating in order to sell? Tips from a pro.

Average house price increases and your home’s value: Resale prices in Ottawa have jumped dramatically in the past year or so, but be realistic when it comes to your own home’s value.


Top tips when buying or selling a home: Heightening curb appeal, cleaning out the medicine cabinet and swapping out low-wattage light bulbs for brighter ones can all make a difference when selling.

Staging: Is it worth it? You bet. And a well-staged home can be easier to achieve than you may think. Here are some tips from a local design professional.

What you need to know about downsizing: From space to finances to location, there’s a lot to consider when you are thinking about downsizing. Here are some ideas to get you started.


How to reduce garbage when you move: Research, planning and knowing what can be recycled where can make your move less stressful and more environmentally friendly.


About the Author

Patrick Langston

Patrick Langston is the co-founder of All Things Home Inc. and a veteran journalist. He has written widely about the Ottawa housing industry since 2008.



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