Homeowner Helpers: Improving indoor air quality

What you need to know about indoor air quality in the winter.

Outdoor Christmas lights

Maybe it's time to let the trained professionals hang those outdoor lights

Clutter busters

Tips and tricks to declutter and get organized

Maintaining your plumbing system

How and why you need to maintain your household plumbing.

5 fast home maintenance jobs

Keep your home up to snuff while leaving lots of time to bask in the long weekend.

Homeowner Helpers: Six July DIY home maintenance tasks

Checking on pesky critters and five more household tasks for July.

Homeowner Helpers: The lowdown on gutter guards

Should you invest in them? What you need to know about gutter guards.

Get rid of your household hazardous waste

City revives its rotating waste depots to help residents keep hazardous items out of landfill.
From the experts

Dealing with fuzzy deck wood

Pressure washing & stripping an old finish can make wood fuzzy. But dealing with it is easy.

May maintenance musts

Maintenance now pays off big time when the weather turns steamy.

Sparkling windows

Cleaning windows takes practice but is well worth the effort.

Preventing basement flooding

Keep water out of your basement with these 10 top tips.

Spring home tuneup

Keep your home safe and snug with these early spring maintenance tips.
From the experts

Why paint rollers matter

Choosing the right paint roller can make a big difference to the speed and quality you achieve.

How to be environmentally sustainable this year

21 eco-conscious resolutions for 2021 and action plans for reaching your goals

Declutter by donating

8 ways to recycle your household items and help others

5 steps to cleaning your grout

It’s a chore we might not want to do, but it’ll save you grief in the long run.

Winter & your mechanical systems

Get your heating system tuned up now, not when it's 30 below.


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