Cleaning reusable grocery bags

Don’t let your grocery bags make you sick.

Outdoor Christmas lights

Maybe it's time to let the professionals hang those outdoor lights.

Ceiling fan puzzle

Which direction should your ceiling fan turn? It depend on the season.

Fire kills

What you need to know about fire prevention in your home.

Radon gas can kill

Naturally occurring radon gas is the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers.

Your home and climate resiliency 

Climate change is here and that means your home needs to be protected.

Is your oven ready?

Does your oven door gasket need to be replaced before cooking that big turkey dinner?

Maintenance must-dos for early fall

Make life easier later on by tackling these 3 tasks now.

Purging the pantry

You’d be surprised at what’s been forgotten (and has expired) in your cupboards.

Top tips to minimize home insurance claims

What you need to do to prevent insurance claims for rain, wind and fire damage

11 ways to reduce household expenses

Energy, food, gardening, design and other ways to cut expenses this year.

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Homeowner Helpers: Maintaining your deck

Annual TLC for your deck is a good long-term investment.

Hold off on yard cleanup

Being a lazy gardener is better at this crucial time.
From the experts

Clothes dryer vent solutions

Poor dryer vents waste energy, slow dryer times, let in cold air and can lead to dryer fires.

Dry winter air in your home

How to raise indoor humidity levels during the cold months.

Cleaning appliances

How often should you clean these popular appliances?

Detector check

Fire and carbon monoxide: Early detection saves lives.


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