Fire-proof your dryer

Simple, regular maintenance can prevent a fire in your clothes dryer.

6 easy summer maintenance tasks

Tackle one a day to make your home maintenance a lot easier.

Driveway sealer know-how

Sealing your driveway is a DIY project that boosts the look of your property.

Homeowner Helpers: Six July DIY home maintenance tasks

Checking on pesky critters and five more household tasks for July.

Cleaning your kettle

From our Homeowner Helpers file, here’s an easy way to descale your kettle.

Has your home had storm damage?

Here's what you need to know about checking for storm damage to your home.

Roof inspection time

A visual inspection of your roof now could save your money and headaches in the future.

TLC for your wood furniture

How to clean, protect and repair your wood furniture.

Prep your lawn mower for the season

Lawn mower maintenance is an easy DIY job when you know how.

2023 household hazardous waste depots

One-day drop-off depots organized by the city are set to resume.

May maintenance musts

Maintenance now pays off big time when the weather turns steamy.

Preventing basement flooding

Keep water out of your basement with these 10 top tips.

Fireplace maintenance

Get your gas fireplace ready now for next fall with a clean-up and inspection.

Garage door check-up

A little elbow grease keeps your garage door operating smoothly and safely.

Spring home tuneup

Keep your home safe and snug with these early spring maintenance tips.

Sign up for our handy home maintenance reminder service

Get our free bi-weekly reminders about essential home maintenance tasks.

Removing snow and ice around your home

How to protect your home and family during Ottawa's harsh winters.

Reducing window condensation

Easy ways to reduce window condensation in your home.


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